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    Call of Duty 4 info


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    Call of Duty 4 info

    Post by Luftwacko on 5/30/2010, 12:47


    I did not create nor own this article in any way or form. All the information here were obtained from the link above. Credits goes to DenKirson for putting so much effort in obtaining and tabulating these datas together in a readable form.


    Every weapon is balanced to the point that you can use any weapon and it will be "the best".
    Just because one gun does more damage or fires faster than another doesn't make it superior.
    There are many more things than just damage or rate of fire that levels the playing field.
    Each weapon has different handling that suits different players and play styles.
    Use every gun - find the one that you like best and it will be your best.
    Except shotguns. Those things lololo; just use an SMG.

    This balance only exists for Stock.
    The weapons were designed and balanced for players with 100 points of health.
    The decrease of health in Hardcore tips the scales in favor of a select few weapons. 30 health is too low for the "2345" damage design.
    Many perks and weapons are made useless or redundant, removing them from their niche.
    Weaknesses are removed and short range, low damage weapons are now super effective at long range.

    The little bars for the primary attributes are vague and in some cases, wrong.
    The game doesn't refer to the actual weapon data to make the bars; the "attributes" are pre-set graphics in Create-a-Clarse.

    Examples of wrong: M4 and G36c do the same damage. Uzi has a faster rate of fire and the same damage as the P90.

    Example of vague: "Range" in the little bars refers to several things that are unrelated to one another.
    Equipping an ACOG increases the Range bar while a Silencer decreases it.
    A Silencer will shorten the damage range so it will become weaker more quickly.
    The scope reads that it increases "range", yet it only increases zoom factor.

    Also there is no such thing as a "range bug", the Skorpion and pistol bullets travel forever at their minimum damage just like every other weapon (except shotguns, by design).


    Intended effects
    -LMG Grips improve View Kick Center Speed (camera returning to where you were aiming) by a small but effective amount.
    -Shotgun Grips decrease overall View Kick.
    -ACOG scopes, when sighted, set ZoomFOV to 30, just over twice the magnification for the default 65° field of view.
    ACOG also changes AimarseistRange (only applicable to console) to 2000, an improvement for all weapons except the sniper rifles.

    Some weapons have differences in themselves with some attachments, or are different from all other weapons.
    These differences may be intentional or erroneous.

    -M249 SAW with a Grip has improved Hip Accuracy (Between arseault and SMG hip accuracies)
    -AK47's damage is 40-20 when equipped with a Silencer or Red Dot
    -AK-74u when equipped with a Silencer or Red Dot has the hip accuracy of the arseault rifles
    -M40A3 with an ACOG does 75 damage (Paired with Stopping Power, EVERY body part is a one-hit kill)
    -Remington 700, when sighted, has an ADSIdleAmount of 60 in which it moves around more compared to the other four sniper rifles (40)
    -G3 with a Silencer has an erroneously long Melee Charge Delay, longer than the stabbing animation, so the lock-on melee attack does not work
    -P90 and M21 have twice the SprintDuration, allowing them to cover twice the distance with their sprint. This was removed in console versions, but still exists for PC.


    There are twenty eight different materials with varying levels of protection. Most materials have the exact same amount of protection, so there are really only about six levels of protection ranging from next-to-none to impenetrable. For example, some brick walls cut damage down to around 20% for Medium/Large, so 40 damage would only be eight on the other side.

    There are three levels of penetration applied to weapons: Small, Medium, Large. Statistically, there are next to no numerical differences between Medium and Large.
    Small can only penetrate the weakest of materials without Deep Impact, and then can peck at enemies through brick and plaster with Deep Impact.

    Because Medium and Large are nearly the same, there are virtually only two levels of Penetration (Small and Large).
    Pistols, SMGs and Shotguns all have Small Penetration (except Desert Eagle and AK74U).
    All LMGs, Sniper Rifles and arseault Rifles are Medium/Large.

    Angle is the most affecting factor. Straight on, a wall may cut down 40 damage to 8.
    At about a 20° angle, that 8 will be further cut down to 4, and at 45°, 1 damage.
    More than 45°, the bullet will not penetrate.
    Some wood and sheet metal can be penetrated at greater than 45° (they cut damage down to about 70%).

    The depth of objects also plays a part. Corners can be penetrated at any angle with only a small loss in damage..

    After parseing through the material, the bullet will begin losing damage over distance all the way down to 1, this includes sniper rifles and LMGs.

    DEEP IMPACT is powerful. The damage retained is nearly doubled (ie 8 damage becomes 16 damage), and the angle at which it can penetrate is almost 90°.
    For the weak/thin materials like sheet metal, Deep Impact will increase its retained damage to 95% (ie 50 becomes 48).


    Helicopters enter the map from one of several directions (most only have one or two) and travel between pre-determined points until it loops back to the beginning.
    The time the helicopter is in play is dependant on the map and the situation. On average, it takes ten seconds for the chopper to arrive, sixty seconds of fighting, and another ten to exit if it hadn't been destroyed.

    The helicopter absorbs bullet damage, dropping all damage to 30%.
    After losing 500 points of its total 1100 health, the helicopter is "weakened" and bullets deliver full damage against it.
    At the same time, the helicopter will engage "evasive Maneuvers" - travel from point to point more quickly and spend less time hovering in place.
    After letting loose a burst from its vulcan minigun, it has about a two second "reload time".

    Helicopters arseess threat through four factors:
    Distance from Helicopter - All players get threat based on distance from chopper. The max distance is pretty far.
    Has attacked Helicopter - Anyone who has attacked the helicopter gets threat
    Weapon Clarse - A player with a shotgun in their primary slot will not get threat.
    Player Score - Highest scoring player in view gets most threat.
    Whoever has the highest combined threat from these four factors will be the helicopter's Primary Target.
    The helicopter will only target a player if it has seen more than 50% of his body.
    If the helicopter sees you and you get behind cover, it may still attempt to shoot through the wall around where it last saw you.
    Also, the KillCam shows a view above the helicopter, though this view is not congruent with the cannon on the bottom of the chopper; you may (or may not) see yourself in killcam, but the minigun sure saw you.

    After extensive controlled testing and people letting themselves be killed by helicopters, the RPG-7 on your person does not affect threat, only the primary weapon does. This means that the Shotgun + RPG-7 pair is useful to avoid accumulating a tiny bit of threat so you can take the shot.

    The RPG-7 is the only EFFECTIVE explosive against the helicopter because it only takes one soldier with an RPG-7 to take it down. That's effective. What isn't effective is the necessity of several soldiers carrying enough of the other explosives and the inaccessibility of the use of the explosives on the helicopter.

    It would require several soldiers' stock of Frag grenades, Underbarrel grenades and C4.

    "But it shows an X when I hit the chopper with it!"
    Even if the helicopter is still absorbing bullet damage, the weakest SMG can do more damage in the amount of time it would take to throw one of those explosives at the helicopter. Stop wasting those explosives on the chopper. If you don't have a rocket, use bullets.

    Cars have a total of 1300 health, cut into multiple states.
    The first totaling 550 health, the next of 750 health. Once the car takes 550 damage, it catches fire and loses its remaining 750 health rapidly, and will explode once its health runs out.
    The splash damage of explosives are scaled up against cars so a single blast can detonate or set it on fire immediately.
    Look out!

    Melee Attack (slash) has a range of 64 inches and will make contact if the target is in a ten degree radius from the center of the screen.
    Melee Charge (stab) reaches 128 inches of measurement and will auto-target anything in the center half of the screen.
    In order to do a regular Attack, the enemy must be inside the 64 unit range, else the Charge will activate.

    Because of the delay between bursts, the M16's rate of fire is effectively cut down to 450 Rounds Per Minute but the three rounds in themselves are fired at a speed of 925 RPM.

    Moving sideways will only allow the player to move 0.8 times the total maximum (forward) speed.
    Moving backwards will only allow the player to move 0.7 times the total maximum (forward) speed.
    Sprinting will allow the player to move forwards 1.5 times the total maximum (forward) speed.

    Carrying an SMG, Pistol, or Shotgun in your Primary Weapon Slot (that's the gun you're holding when you spawn) gives the player a "base" run speed of "1".
    A Sniper Rifle or arseault Rifle in your Primary Weapon Slot has a base run speed of "0.95". Just 5% slower than the smaller guns, not really noticeable... but it could really make a difference.
    A Light Machinegun in your Primary Weapon Slot has a base run speed of "0.875". 12.5% slower than the small weapons, a bit more noticeable.

    Going by the two extremes, backpedalling with an LMG only has 41% the speed of Sprinting with an SMG.
    This isn't CounterStrike, the gun in your hands does not decide your speed.
    If you have an LMG and SMG, you run at LMG speed.
    If you have an SMG and LMG, you run at SMG speed.


    [img=336,169][/img]You need a reference for distance, look for the boxes.
    The large cargo crates that you see a lot of in Shipment and WetWork are exactly 256x100 units in size.
    256 being 6.5 meters, the same exact range of the Frag Grenade's max blast radius.

    Stock Player health is 100.

    Hardcore changes:
    -Health lowered to 30 (weapons are not changed in any way)
    -No visible HUD

    Old School changes several things:
    -Health increased to 200
    -Jump Height increased, landing slowdown disabled
    -Weapon/Clarse Selection disabled, all spawn with a Skorpion and M9, must pick up weapons/perks that spawn on the map

    "Health Regeneration" is really really simple.
    After five seconds, all your health returns. Instantly. Completely.
    Lose 1 health, wait five seconds. Back to 100%.
    Lose 99 health, wait five seconds. Back to 100%.
    You'll know you get your health back after five seconds by listening. Five seconds after taking damage, your character will exhale.

    Every single weapon is pinpoint accurate when aiming down the sights, shotguns excluded. Pistols, sniper rifles. The dead center of the crosshair, the tip of the front sights, that is where the shot will land. Inaccuracy comes from the idling and kick.
    If the guy is behind the sights, he will be hit.
    If the shot misses, it is you who has missed.

    The multiplications for Stopping Power, Double Tap, Sonic boom and Juggernaut are irrelevant. A simple explanation:
    Juggernaut was designed so that you survive one more shot from almost any weapon.
    Stopping Power was designed so that you would need to make one less hit with any firearm to score a kill.
    The game code literally cancels out the damage effects when Stopping Power or Sonic Boom hits a Juggernaut. No increase, no decrease.
    The damage perks are perfectly balanced against each other.
    If you use "a whole magazine" to kill one guy, it isn't because of Juggernaut.YOU lololo AT THE GAME.

    Sonic Boom increases damage just enough for Hand Grenades to kill near the very edge of its blast radius.
    Other explosive items' kill radiuses are nearly doubled, but the increased blast radius of any of them aren't nearly as large as the hand grenade.

    Double Tap and Stopping Power are balanced in their improvement of power.
    The two perks are perfectly even in their "Time to Kill a Guy" for weapons that deliver 30 damage.
    Stopping Power gives a greater benefit of hundredths of a second in Time to Kill for weapons that deliver 40 damage.
    Inversely, Double Tap gives a greater benefit of hundredths of a second in Time to Kill for weapons that deliver 20 damage.

    Players in Last Stand have 1 OR 2 points of health. Their health purposely switches between one and two every half second in order to keep the red damage overlay visible.
    Players in Last Stand are invulnerable during the transition to Last Stand mode, where they fall to the ground and draw a pistol.
    Last Stand lasts exactly ten seconds after drawing the pistol.

    Last Stand is not activated if the player is killed by: Headshot - Melee Attack - Explosive


    Reloading in Call of Duty has a unique element. This has existed since Call of Duty 1.
    A variable known as ReloadAddTime marks the point at which ammunition is added into the weapon during the Reload time.
    Shorter than the full Reload time, a Reload Cancel after the Add time is up can stop the rest of the reload animation and have loaded the ammunition, effectively cutting off up to a full second for most weapons.

    Not only does the add time apply to regular Reloading, but also to Empty Reloading, meaning that a Reload Add Cancel can eliminate the extra time needed to rechamber the empty weapon.

    Reload Cancel is easy to do: just Sprint, Melee, or Switch Weapons while reloading.
    Cancel after the ammo counter fills up = shortened reload.
    It can be done with Sleight of Hand, but with the speed of the perk, Add Canceling will barely cut off any time than if it simply completed the reload animation.

    There are three primary ways to cancel reloading and get the weapon ready whether or not it has loaded the ammunition:
    -Melee Attack
    -Switch Weapons

    Melee has a long recovery (longer than what the Add Time would cut off) and should only be used to cancel if intending to attack.
    Sprint and switching compete for speed. In the end, Sprint gives the shortest possible cancel time and allows the player full mobility instead of waiting for the weapon switch to be able to Sprint.

    Reload Add Cancel is useful for just about every weapon.

    Hip Accuracy is simple enough. Draw a circle that touches all four crosshairs, and the bullet will land within that circle.
    Steady Aim improves accuracy by shrinking the diameter and tightening the crosshairs to 65%.
    The variable "perk_hipspreadmultiplier is 0.65.

    Shotgun spread is not tightened when sighted with Steady Aim. They are still 5.5.
    Steady Aim does not affect a weapon's idle, like sniper scopes, the M4, G36c, AK47, AK74u or ACOG.
    Steady Aim ONLY AFFECTS HIP SPREAD. Only the crosshairs.

    This image can also be used as an example as to just how wide a radius of ten degrees is in the game.
    The SAW's maximum Hip Spread of "10" is exactly ten degrees in any direction from the center.


    There are four weapons in the arseault and SMG clarsees that "idle" WHEN SIGHTED:
    The AK74u, the M4, the AK47 and the G36c
    The middle two move from the center of the screen at the same speed and radius WHEN SIGHTED. The M4 is slightly faster in speed. The fourth is unique.
    Not only does the G36c deviate far less WHEN SIGHTED, it moves slower AND stance improves its steadyness WHEN SIGHTED.

    The numbers don't matter, I'm just using them to explain it.
    The values involved are called ADSIdleAmount, ADSIdleSpeed and ADSIdle[Stance]Factor.
    Compared to the M4:
    M4 has a universal ADS Idle Speed of 1.5 and an Amount of 40 at all stances, all attachments included (ACOG too).
    G36c has a speed of 0.8 and an Amount of 28 when Standing (ACOG too).
    Crouching, the G36c's idle Amount is 21 and the speed is 0.6, at least half of the M4.
    Prone, it'll barely move at a 11 Amount and 0.3 Speed, a fourth and a fifth of the M4's Amount and Speed.

    The G36c is very steady when aiming down the sights compared to the other fully-automatic rifles.
    More if crouched or prone.

    Before anybody asks: No Sniper rifle or ACOG moves around less if crouched or prone.
    The G36c (all attachments, ACOG included) is the only Primary Weapon (and ACOG) that benefits from different Idle Stance Factors.
    The RPG-7 benefits from less idling with stances, but that doesn't improve the accuracy or random twisting and turning of the rocket.
    The pistols Idle at nearly the same rate as the G36c and have slightly improved steadyness when crouched or prone.

    The reason most other weapons don't idle is because if they did, they would lololo.
    The four ironsight weapons that idle do so because they would be utterly overpowered if they did not.
    The M4 would outclarse all other arseault rifles if the ironsights were steady.
    The MP5 would be obsolete in face of the AK74u.


    There are three sets of variables that determine Kick (for function, a fourth is just for show):
    HipViewKick (not important, Hip Spread is going to be the factor that determines where the shots are going)

    ViewKick has four variables each, two for left-right movement, two for up-down movement.
    For the new viewkick column, the weapon will prefer to kick in the direction of the highest number.
    Usually the two numbers are opposing forces, causing the weapon to kick in either direction.
    When two numbers are going the same way, the weapon will always kick in that direction.

    The ADSGunKick for most weapons is very low, and in for just about all of them, insignificant.

    The variable ViewKickCenterSpeed is an arbitrary number that returns the camera to where you were aiming. Higher is better.


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