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    Piracy: Blessing or Curse?



    Piracy: Blessing or Curse?

    [ 7 ]
    50% [50%] 
    [ 3 ]
    21% [21%] 
    [ 4 ]
    29% [29%] 

    Total Votes: 14

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    Re: Piracy: Blessing or Curse?

    Post by knightzhenry on 6/7/2010, 16:54

    If they phail us in a few year, i guess not.. o.O

    xxChaosKid 짱xx

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    Re: Piracy: Blessing or Curse?

    Post by xxChaosKid 짱xx on 7/4/2010, 14:56

    Piracy does have its advantages like say reasonable price and.......widely distributed around the country........its everywhere and ummm idk .___.
    disadvantages are you have to bloody crack the game, cant play the game online unless you have the proper software, more proned to virus and be cheated of your money -speaking based on experience-

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    Re: Piracy: Blessing or Curse?

    Post by MY.PacmanZ on 7/4/2010, 15:29

    reasonable price
    I lol'd
    do you even know how much it costs to develop a single game?
    You have the R&D, the skinning, the texturing, to put it in a nutshell, the game's development stage.
    Then, you have to hire the voice actors and you have to pay the devvies,
    and last of all, you have to find ways to market the game(which involves money too, mind you).

    And also, MYR25 for Tom Clancy's EndWar is reasonable? Sure, reasonable in my ass.

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    Re: Piracy: Blessing or Curse?

    Post by Sponsored content

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