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    World at War info


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    World at War info

    Post by Luftwacko on 5/30/2010, 12:43


    I did not create nor own this article in any way or form. All the information here were obtained from the link above. Credits goes to DenKirson for putting so much effort in obtaining and tabulating these datas together in a readable form.


    Update:Der Riese Weapons Message Board Post

    All numbers shown are from World at WarMainiw_14.iwd and the Mod Tools and Raw Code provided by Treyarch.
    These numbers are not from guess-testing. All data taken out of the game code of the PC version.
    The only way any of this is incorrect is if I made a typo. I make changes and updates every now and then.

    There are some differences on consoles compared to this information for PC.
    I do not have the means to record these differences as I only have World at War for PC.
    The only way to get accurate numbers for any differences is with help from others with those consoles.
    Any differences found should be thoroughly tested using these PC numbers as a reference.
    With conclusive results, any changes will be added to the Console Differences image.


    Server settings can allow player Health to be Miniscule (30) Half (50) Normal (100) and Double (200).
    Health Regeneration can be set to Fast (2 seconds) Slow (10 seconds) Normal (5 seconds) and None (0 seconds).

    Pretty much the only thing left is the Flamethrower. It isn't all that special.
    On contact with the licks of flame, 50 damage per hit, 500~ range. It does not deliver damage over time (at all) like it does in Zombies.

    Movement speed is based on which weapon class is in your primary weapon slot.
    Carrying a machinegun as a primary will cause the pistol to also move at MG speed.

    Pistol, SMG and Shotgun all have a speed of "1" or 100%. Rifles have 0.95 and Machineguns 0.875.
    The menus in Create-a-Class are not congruent with some weapons' real "type".
    For example the 30 Cal has "SMG" speed despite being a heavy machinegun.

    Sprinting will increase movement speed to 150%.
    Sighting a weapon will cut speed down to half, pistols cancel out that speed loss when sighted.
    Moving sideways or backwards will also slow the player down to 80% or 70%.

    The image should be able to explain itself.
    Blast damage numbers are along the bottom, the Kill Radius and Max Radius are diagonal.
    Direct Impact symbol is for Direct Impact damage.
    Fuse is obviously the time for or how the explosive detonates.
    Hold is the time it takes to "pull the pin" before throwing.
    All explosives gradually lose damage from the center of the blast.

    The Molotov behaves unusally.
    If it hits the ground, it has a radius that will deliver the 150 Direct Impact damage, even if the enemy was not directly hit.
    If it breaks against the wall or an object, no matter how close to the player it lands, it will deliver 90 splash damage.

    All explosives have a unique damage multiplier against tanks.
    The Tank's hit locations are Front, Side, Rear and Underside.
    Multiply the Explosive's increased Damage by the Tank's Side Multiplier to get damage.

    Only a Satchel Charge can properly hit the Underside and damage is increased dramatically.
    The Satchel is the best explosive against the Tank and can destroy it with one charge.

    Bullets do less than one point of damage, the Hit Indicator gives a sense of false security.
    Do not waste your ammo (unless that ammo comes from the PTRS-41 or the tank's machineguns).

    Projectile weapons - Bazooka, Tank Turret, Rifle Grenade - excel at removing the panels and destroying the Tank Treads. The sticky explosives have little effect against the treads.

    The Armor Plating on the tanks absorb hull damage delivered by bullets or projectiles.
    The plates are mere decoration against the N°71 and Satchel.
    Unless every projectile is intercepted by an armor plate, the number needed to destroy the tank will not change.
    The damage absorbed by the armor plates goes to knocking the armor plates off.

    Time is the amount of time before the player can fire his weapon again.
    The actual melee strike arrives in only a tenth of a second.
    Melee is the normal swing/slash.
    Charge is when the player locks on and moves to stab the enemy.
    The Attached Bayonet has greater range at the cost of a longer recovery time.
    Range is measured in "inches".

    The further the enemy is, the less damage he will take. Weapons have different ranges at which damage drops.
    For reference, the hull of both the T-34 and Panzer in WaW are about 250 inches in length.
    Before you check Wikipedia, no, the tanks in game are not to-scale with the real-world versions.

    AddTime is the point during reload when ammo is added to the ammo counter.
    You can interrupt the reload after the AddTime and still have a loaded weapon.
    "Empty" obviously refers to when the weapon magazine is out of ammo.

    Fire Time is the time between shots fired. Dividing 60 by FireTime gets RPM; dividing 60 by RPM gets FireTime.
    This determines the speed for automatic weapons and the time before taking the next shot for semi/bolt/pump weapons.
    The Trench Gun and Bolt-Action Rifles use RechamberTime, same thing.

    Self-explanatory. Headshot equals more damage. For example, 30 would be increased to 42 with a 1.4 multiplier.
    Sniper Rifles and a few other weapons have different multipliers, but they behave the same. Just multiply the damage by 1.5 or 1.4 or 1.1 or 2.

    Idle Amount is the area in which the ironsights/scope on a weapon moves around, affecting accuracy.
    Stances can improve the Idle Amount, but not all weapons benefit from lower stances.
    Every weapon has perfect accuracy when aiming down the sights (shotguns the obvious exception).

    View Kick controls the power, direction and maximum area at which the player's view will turn when firing a weapon.
    The numbers are measured in degrees (10 = 1°). Bigger number, more kick.
    Kick is random, but will focus on the average. The weapon will often kick in the direction of the higher number.
    A direction with two numbers means that the weapon will ALWAYS kick in that direction.
    The kick for Sniper Rifles are unnecessary since the weapons will recover before the next shot can be fired.

    View Kick Center Speed affects how quickly the camera returns to where the player was aiming.
    Center Speed is in effect from the very instant a shot is fired.
    Higher number, faster recovery.


    Without the console versions to check against, I am unable to discover the differences between platforms myself.
    For PC, all of the information is correct. For consoles, any known differences are shown in the linked picture.
    Credit to those who test and detail the differences for me to record them, most of them probably left a comment below and in the message boards.
    So far, all tests have been done on the XBox 360. The state of the Playstation 3 version is unkown.

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    Re: World at War info

    Post by Guest on 6/8/2010, 18:06

    Good infos up there. Ceh no people oso post in WoW section.

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    Re: World at War info

    Post by Jammonster on 7/16/2010, 15:10

    Hmm.... nice. BTW Sgt. Reznov will reappear in Black Ops.

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    Re: World at War info

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