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    New rule proposal



    Should custom rules be exclusively be enforced via mods instead of stock cod4?

    [ 10 ]
    91% [91%] 
    [ 0 ]
    0% [0%] 
    [ 1 ]
    9% [9%] 

    Total Votes: 11

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    New rule proposal

    Post by Luftwacko on 7/27/2010, 17:33

    1. All hosts who wish to create a server with custom ruleset are only allowed to do so via mods (eg. modwarfare).
    2. Stock CoD4 should be played the way its meant to be played (aka no restrictions at all).

    1. Too many ppl with too many custom rules. Not only is it not "official", others may not agree with the silly rules and "break" them.
    2. Getting kicked for any other reasons than cheating/hacking is just not tolerable. Not only does it ruin our gaming mood, its a game-breaking experience as well.
    3. Setting up a server with custom ruleset isn't hard. All it takes is just 1 (or 2) console commands and you're good to go.
    4. The game developers created all these so-called "unbalanced" weapons/perks with the obvious intention to make the game fun to play. If you want to play competitively, you should host a mod instead. (that goes to all the "sniper only" servers as well).
    5. If the host runs a modwarfare server, any clients that joins do not need to download the mod since its already preinstalled together with the game itself.

    Setting up the server:
    1. Download modwarfare.cfg
    2. Open the .cfg file with notepad and replace "1" to "0" for whichever stuffs you do not want players to use.
    3. Paste the file into the "main" folder. Default path should be "C:\Program files\activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\Main"
    4. Open the game.
    5. Run "ModWarfare"
    6. Host a server.
    7. Open the console "~" and type "\exec modwarfare.cfg"
    8. Restart the server by typing "\map_restart"
    9. Your server is good to go. Enjoy your game.

    If this rule receives enough support, it would be enforced by our room's channel admin, exglade.

    Q: Can I host stock cod4 and spam the "rules" via chat and hope the players obey them?
    A: Sure you can. But do so at your own risk. However, you are not allowed to boot any players who wish to use anything at their disposal.

    Q: What would happen to me if I kick a player for not obeying the "rules" in stock cod4?
    A: It has not been mentioned yet, but I assume that our channel admin, exglade would give you a 15 minutes break from playing the game.

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    Re: New rule proposal

    Post by TaoGe on 7/28/2010, 00:11

    Green light.

    Promote it and HOPEFULLY the community will learn how to do.... Some host still don't know how the console thing works... x.x


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    Re: New rule proposal

    Post by Impulse on 7/30/2010, 06:18

    Something tells me this isn't going to work, but voted yes anyway.

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    Re: New rule proposal

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