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    Guide for Patching Call of Duty 4


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    Guide for Patching Call of Duty 4

    Post by seannn43 on 7/4/2010, 09:16

    If you cannot see any servers in Garena, there are only a few reasons
    1) Your Source for joining a server is not local. It should be as this.

    2) Your filter in is set incorrectly. It should be as this.

    3.Your Call of Duty is not updated to the latest version of 1.7. In order to update to version 1.7 you have to download 2 files. The first is Patch 1.6 and then Patch 1.7 = patch 1.6 = patch 1.7

    if you have any problems or need assistance, feel free to add me on garena. My IGN is feelthepain43. GLHF

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