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    About : M4 Carbine


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    About : M4 Carbine

    Post by killa on 5/30/2010, 13:26

    Taken from CoD4 Central.
    About the M4

    Standard service carbine of the U.S. Armed Forces, preferred weapon of the Marine Corps. Fires on full-auto. This is one of the most popular guns you'll see on most servers, since it can lay a lot of bullets on a target in a very short amount of time with minimal recoil. On paper it's not very powerful, but if you aim it carefully it'll drop enemies in short order. If you just can't seem to draw a bead on moving targets with the burst-fire M16, switch to the M4 and you should get better results. This one does just about everything you'll want it to, except for maybe max-range sniping and super-fast ninja-ing.

    The M4 is a weapon you will get very used to seeing and every type of map and game type. It combines high accuracy, average damage, low recoil, and versatility to create a package that can be lethal in anyone’s hands. In my opinion it is the best assault rifle in the game. The only major weakness is the mediocre damage, but this is easily fixed.

    General Tips: The M4 is great at tearing down an enemy fairly quickly, and with little recoil. The recoil on this weapon is so small that you can hold down the shoot button, and still manage to kill someone at even medium range. At close range you should always go full auto and aim for your enemy, this is because of the M4s power, which is weaker than the other Assault Rifles.

    The Bad: As I mentioned, the M4 is weaker than the other Assault Rifles, therefore, you might get killed before you can finish your enemy off. This is offset by using stopping power, and with stopping power, the M4 turns into a monster of a weapon.

    Unlocked: Rank 10

    M4 Quick Stats
    For in-depth M4 stats click here
    Accuracy: 9 / 12
    Damage: 5 / 12
    Range: 9 / 12
    Fire Rate: 9 / 12
    Mobility: 8 / 12
    Clip Size/Reserve Ammo: 30/60
    Recoil: low cluster
    Reload Time: 2.03 seconds / 2.36 empty
    Damage: 20-30
    Range: 1500-2000 / 500-1000 SD
    Rate of Fire: 850 RPM Single
    Penetration: Medium / Large Bullet
    Location Damage Multiplier: Head (1.4) / Neck: (1.0) / Torso: (1.0) / Stomach: (1.0) / Limbs (1.0)
    Hip Accuracy: Stand (3-7) / Crouch (2.5-6) / Prone (2-5)
    M4 Attachments

    No Attachments
    M4 Iron Sights The M4 Iron Sights are pretty good. Though they constrict your view more than the other weapons iron sights, it is still better to use an attachment usch as the Red Dot Sight. It is very possible to get good at using the M4 Iron Sights, and they aren't as bad as a few other weapons, for example the M60.

    M4 with no attachments

    Red Dot Sight - 25 Kills
    Very much recommended that you use this when unlocked. While it may not affect your stats or zoom that much, it becomes so much easier to aim with this weapon. It is a favored attachment for many, for while the iron sights on the M4 are pretty good, the Red Dot Sight is still better, mainly because of the fact you can see all around the red dot, there is no metal covering up the target. When you use the iron sight, you can’t see below your gun or anywhere the circle on the sights cover up, which could cause your death in a long range situation with a small target.

    M4 with Red Dot Sight
    M4 Red Dot Sight Hip

    Zooming in an M4 with the Red Dot Sight
    M4 Red Dot Sight Zoom

    Silencer - 75 Kills
    Though this takes off a very small ammount of range, it’s quite amazing for stealth. The bullets can still reach the same range as before with the same accuracy, but they will just do less damage. The iron sights are good on this weapon, too, which is one of the main problems with silencers. And although by silencers don’t technically take off range, the sound and the already low recoil just makes the feel of the gun more controlled. It’s mental. A great attachment for this gun for a medium-long range silenced class, but definitely go with an SMG for shorter ranges.

    M4 with Silencer attachment
    M4 Silenced

    Advance Combative Optical Gunsight (ACOG) - 150 kills
    Taking on snipers in full sight is not advised, as your head will be cruelly taken away, but if you see a target who isn't aware of you by all means line up a shot and take them out.

    M4 with ACOG
    M4 ACOG Hip

    Zooming in an M4 with the ACOG
    M4 ACOG

    M4 with Grenade Launcher
    M4 Noob Tube

    M4 vs. G36C
    The ever-raging battle- which one is better? It’s all personal preference. M4 has good fire rate, nice range, low recoil, and can therefore be used on many maps with many situations. Many also find the M4’s iron sights are better than the G36C. It’s quite lacking of damage, though. The G36C, while having a slower fire rate and more recoil, has more damage as well, so fire this gun in short bursts of ammunition and you will take down your enemies in short order. It’s all personal preference, experiment with both and see which one you like the best.

    M4 Perks

    The M4 is another great weapon for medium to long range fighting, as well as close range once again, a wide array of perks work well with this weapon, but here are our recommended perks, of course feel free to experiment and try other perks as well.If you develop a great strategy with a certain combination, please submit it and it will be added here with credit to your name.

    Bandolier Perk Image
    Bandolier - Once again we recommend this as perk 1, like a lot of the other weapons. The M4 burns through its ammo quickly, and having more ammo is always an advantage, especially if you’re stuck in a hostile area and don't fancy your chances with your sidearm/pistol. This tends to be a spray-friendly kind of gun, you don’t need to burst because of the low recoil.

    Stopping Power Perk Image
    Stopping Power - The M4 already kills very fast, and with stopping power, you can kill in a split second up close. You will probably end up using this every single time you play. Increases damage by 40%, something the M4 really needs. It has good fire rate, low recoil, and nice range, but it’s power is pretty weak naturally.. Probably the only really essential perk due to the M4s mediocre damage rating.

    UAV Jammer Perk Image
    UAV Jammer - For those people who charge toward the red dots when they get UAV, you can easily ambush them without them expecting you because your red dot isn’t on the radar. Recommended for stealth classes.

    Overkill Perk Image
    Overkill - Only use if you are utterly incompetent with a pistol, but then you can just pick a dead players weapon. So not a very useful perk really. The only time this should really be used is with a very long range gun or a very short range gun, although usually I would tend to go for an SMG for long range and a sniper rifle or single shot assault rifle for a very short range gun, the best fully automatic is probably the G36C. Still, if you find the M4 works well for you overkilled with another weapon, then go for it, but I would recommend an SMG as that would give your M4 class much more of a chance at close quarters.

    Deep Impact Image
    Deep Impact - If you aren't accurate and an enemy escapes your sites this can be a very useful perk indeed. If you like causing destruction and don't like leaving yourself exposed in a firefight (i.e. you want to shoot from behind a walls and stay out of sight) use this. Stopping Power is recommended over this, but if you are a camping person and shoot constantly through walls, then this perk can become quite valuable.

    Double Tap Perk Image
    Double Tap - Some people say it's better than stopping power. It significantly increases fire rate and can kill very quickly if you aim well. However, the M4 already burns ammo quick, and you'll find yourself running dry very quickly if you use this. I'd say for total running and gunning use only. Typically I would like to get more damage into the person instead of more metal, but it’s all personal preference.

    Sleight of Hand Perk Image
    Sleight of Hand - Recommended for Hardcore mainly, can be used for non-hardcore as well but is kind of a waste. Reload time is average, nothing ridiculous but not really favored. If you find you have no problem with its natural stats, but reload constantly in the middle of firefights, this might be a good perk for you.

    Steady Aim Perk Image
    Steady Aim - Improves hip fire accuracy. Useful for any attachment, hip-firing is very valuable with this gun because it’s not that great at close quarters. With this perk on you can gain full mobility while moving while still retaining full power and good accuracy, I find this perk saves me constantly.

    Dead Silence Perk Image
    Dead Silence - For use in Stealth mainly. Incredibly quiet, but you lose the ability to use something like steady aim. Crouching can be just as effective as dead silence, but if you like to not be heard while still sprinting, well then there you go, this perk was made for you.
    M4 Maps

    The M4 is good an almost every map, it is very versatile and can be used in many, many situations. Just a few are listed here:

    Wetwork - Go prone on the corner of the containers and watch you kills go up, up and up!

    Vacant - Good M4 map. M4 does well indoors and is okay outdoors.

    Crash - You can take out many a person from the 3 story building, or just anywhere else generally.

    Pipeline - Has long paths and great spots to camp if you favor camping, making this good for long range, which is what this gun excels at most.

    Overgrown - Same as pipeline, long narrow roads and buildings to shoot from. More opportunities for close quarters situations in these building though, so be wary!

    Ambush - Good for killing un-expectant sniper on the buildings.

    Bad M4 Maps

    Shipment - You'll get owned by shotguns and LMGs on this. Too close quarters to do anything long range.

    Downpour - Not that bad but very easy to be flanked here. Good positioning is key if you want to succeed on this map.

    Other Aesthetics: I’ve always loved the look of pure metal, and this gun being so long and shiny it’s been a favorite, especially with a silencer. I love it with no camo. Woodland and Desert look terrible on this gun, digital can be ok for some people but it’s kind of blotchy and it cuts out the shininess of the gun. Blue tiger is ok, but red tiger is the best in my opinion, you still retain a lot of shiny metal with some red stripes here and there. Looks great.
    M4 Custom Classes

    Class Name: All round class
    Primary Weapon: M4
    Attachment: Red Dot Sight
    Side Arm: USP recommended, silencer on this is your choice. (Check out pistols section for further help.)
    Special Grenade: Flash/ Stun grenade
    Perk 1: Bandolier
    Perk 2: Stopping Power
    Perk 3: Steady Aim
    Note: This class can be used on most any mode.

    Class Name: Stealth Class
    Primary Weapon: M4
    Side Arm: USP .45 w/Silencer
    Special Grenade: Smoke Grenade
    Perk 1: Claymore 2x
    Perk 2: UAV Jammer or Stopping Power
    Perk 3: Dead Silence or Steady Aim
    Notes: Check out the Stealth section for further information on which perks to use

    Class Name: Camper Class
    Primary Weapon: M4
    Attachment: ACOG
    Side Arm: Pistol of your choice, USP recommended, silencer on this is your choice. (Check out pistols section for further help.)
    Special Grenade: Your choice
    Perk 1: Claymores 2x
    Perk 2: Stopping Power
    Perk 3: Deep Penetration

    Class Name:Hardcore class
    Primary Weapon: M4
    Attachment: Red Dot Sight
    Side Arm: M1911
    Special Grenade: Your Choice (Stun recommended)
    Perk 1: Whatever you want for perk 1, depending on the action you are performing
    Perk 2: UAV Jammer or Sleight of Hand
    Perk 3: Deep Impact or Steady Aim

    M4 Challenges
    Title Description Reward
    Marksman 1 Get 25 kills with this weapon 100XP/Red Dot Sight
    Marksman 2 Get 75 kills with this weapon 500XP/Silencer
    Marksman 3 Get 150 kills with this weapon 1000XP/ACOG Scope
    Expert 1 Get 25 headshots with this weapon 100XP/Digital
    Expert 2 Get 75 headshots with this weapon 500XP/Blue Tiger
    Expert 3 Get 150 headshots with this weapon 1000XP/Red Tiger Camo

    Will be edited + add pictures inside.

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    Re: About : M4 Carbine

    Post by DJKillerZ on 6/17/2010, 22:36

    In reality, The G35 series are better at the recoil control compared to M4, and it serves better during Urban combat. The only thing M4 won is that it's just lighter and shorter.

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