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    About : G36C


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    About : G36C

    Post by killa on 5/30/2010, 13:23

    Taken from CoD4 Central
    About the G36C

    The G36C is often overlooked by many players as being as inferior to the M4 or AK-47, but it really is not. The G36C has Good range, decent power, moderate but manageable recoil, and is extremely versatile. The compact version of the G36, a successor to the G3 used in militaries worldwide. Fires in full-auto. This rifle tends to work better in medium-close quarters. You may want to use Bandolier to bolster your ammo, because it's a spray-friendly kind of gun.
    Unlocked: lvl 37 (Lieutenant Colonel)

    G36C Quick Stats
    For in-depth G36C stats click here
    Accuracy: 8+ / 12
    Damage: 7 / 12
    Range: 9 / 12
    Fire Rate: 7 / 12
    Mobility: 8 / 12
    Clip Size/Reserve Ammo: 30/60
    Recoil: moderate cluster
    Reload Time: 2.1 seconds / 2.967 empty
    Damage: 20-30
    Range: 1500-2000 / 500-1000 SD
    Rate of Fire: 750 RPM Single
    Penetration: Medium / Large Bullet
    Location Damage Multiplier: Head (1.4) / Neck: (1.0) / Torso: (1.0) / Stomach: (1.0) / Limbs (1.0)
    Hip Accuracy: Stand (3-7) / Crouch (2.5-6) / Prone (2-5)

    G36C Attachments

    Red Dot Sight
    Red Dot Sight - 25 Kills
    I would have to mostly recommend the Red Dot Sight over any other attachments on this gun, or for any gun. On the G36, it helps out alot with medium range shots very well, and if you are familiar with the attachment, even more distant shots, although fire it in short-ish bursts so it levels out again, allowing for less waisted ammo. The accuracy is pretty decent with this gun, so the amount of performance you get out of it with the Red Dot is really up to you. Maybe not as accurate with the M4, but the damage you deal will even it out. You will not be disappointed with it.

    Zooming in a G36C with Red Dot Sight attachment
    G63C Red Dot Sight

    Silencer - 75 Kills
    You will find many players using this weapon with a silencer as the primary gun in their stealth class. The range, as shown in stats, is reduced, but you shouldn't be using a stealth class on a long range map anyway. I have never noticed any decrease in the amount of bullets it takes to kill someone medium-close range, unless they are using juggernaut. You may have a bit of trouble adjusting to the iron sights on this gun, they take up alot of space, and unlike many other assault rifles, you are aiming through a circular object, instead of lining up two post-like obtrusions like on the M4 or M16. Otherwise, I highly recommend it. Note from X: I have found the G63C to be very effective silenced along with stopping power and steady aim, very deadly. Just the iron sights take a while getting used to and can be distracting when facing multiple enemies.

    G36C with Silencer attachment
    G63C Silencer

    Advance Combative Optical Gunsight (ACOG) - 150 kills
    I prefer the Red Dot Sight over this attachment, but I have seen a select few people who have been using it, whether they were experimenting or actually utilizing it I do not know. The range on this gun will allow you to hit soldiers whom you can see, although the recoil may give you some problems. As a general rule for assault-rifle-sniping, you should always use shorter burst of fire to take out the more distant target, or you will just give away your position and waist your time and ammunition.

    Zoomed G36C with ACOG attachment
    G63C ACOG
    G36C Classes

    Note - Any pistol or special grenade will do fine for those spots. Primary weapon is the G36. Perks Listed first are more highly recommended.

    Run and Gun:
    Stopping Power/sleight of hand/double tap
    Steady aim/extreme conditioning

    UAV Jam / stopping power
    Dead Silence

    G36 Range:
    Stopping power
    Deep impact/Steady Aim

    G3 with ACOG
    Deep Impact/Extreme Conditioning

    Overkill 2:
    M4/M16 with any attachment
    Steady aim/deep impact

    Sniper of your Choice
    Overkill Iron Lungs/Extreme Conditioning/dead silence

    Specialx3/Bandolier/Fragx3/Bomb Squad
    UAV Jam/Double Tap/ Stopping Power/Juggernaut
    Dead Silence/martydrom

    Stopping power/sonic boom/double tap
    Steady Aim/Deep Impact/Eavesdrop(?(useless))

    Other Aesthetics - The G36C looks beautiful with Blue tiger. Can notice it very easily. Red tiger does not stand out as much, but is more respectable. Digital is Quite sexy also.

    G36C Perks

    Obviously most of these are up to you, but I will give you what I think of the weapon-based perks here.

    Bandolier Perk Image
    Bandolier - My Favorite Perk 1 perk, you may find your self spraying with this gun, and it tends to work well at close range. I tend to be a survivalist, so running out of ammo is in the top 3 reasons I will die. If 60 bullets is enough for you, then choose whatever perk 1 you like.

    Stopping Power Perk Image
    Stopping Power - My primary Perk 2 perk. Although this weapon is moderately powerful on its own, having the edge on an opponent may decide if you get the chopper you have been saving for or not. I highly suggest it not only with this gun, but any other weapon in this game.

    Juggernaut Perk Image
    Juggernaut - My least favorite, most despised perk. Up to you.

    Sleight of Hand Perk Image
    Sleight of Hand - The reloading time on this gun is not bad at all, but if you are one to reload your gun after every shot or find your self most likely to die while reloading, use it. It is kind of humorous how fast you reload.

    Double Tap Perk Image
    Double Tap - If you are to use this Perk, use Bandolier as well, or you will find your self out of ammo fast. This Perk gives the G36C a bit of a submachine gun taste to it, but I will choose stopping power over it any day. More ammo, less reloading, and about the same amount of damage dealt in given amount of time.

    Overkill Perk Image
    Overkill - Use with a sniper class, although I would also recommend it with a red dot and another gun with an ACOG. It shares ammo with the M16 and M4, so consider those two as will. I will also discuss in the Classes Section.

    Steady Aim Perk Image
    Steady Aim - My favorite Perk 3 Perk. The recoil is not bad on this gun, but the hip fire could definitely be better. It takes time to aim down your sights, and by the time you do you may be respawning. Highly recommended with any moderate-high recoil gun.

    Deep Impact Perk Image
    Deep Impact - This is really up to you, but if you really appreciate the bullet penetration feature in this game, you may like it. The default bullet penetration on this gun is not excellent, so consider using it.

    G36C Maps

    Ambush - Use at your own choice, but this map tends to have a bit of a long range/sniping element to it, so you may want to consider a longer ranged gun, except if you are playing game modes like Domination or Headquarters.

    Backlot - I tend to use, although this map is spread out and good for sniping, all the short walls make it a good medium range map also.

    Bloc - This map has the two extremes: Close and long range - so use a sniper or SMG (or both together.)

    Bog - I occasionally use the G36C on it, but it is also a good sniper. Use on faster paced game types, though.

    Countdown - Use at your own risk, beware of snipers, stick to the edges of the map and the warehouses.

    Crash - The G36 will deliver on this map, but you may also want to consider a longer ranged weapon also.

    Crossfire - Only recommended for fast paced game types, domination, headquarters. Otherwise stick to a sniper here.

    District - I highly suggest the G36C gun for district. You will encounter a lot of medium ranged stuff here.

    Downpour - Another map G36C Delivers at. Use a red dot sight, and dont go running around like rambo, because you will get killed quickly.

    Overgrown - Unless you are to sprint from building to building, you will get a limited number of kills wih this gun. Use a sniper or long ranged assault.

    Pipeline - I do recommend G36C for this map, you are safe almost anywhere, except the middle area, where the only was you will be safe is with a bunch of smoke grenades.

    Shipment - Use an SMG, unless you would like to use double tap to up the fire rate. You will also be reloading a lot. You are better off with an MP5 or P90.

    Showdown - Same as shipment, except you have a better chance of surviving, because you will find alot of medium range stuff also.

    Strike - Use. Stay away from the main roads though, you will probably be sniped/triple teamed.

    Vacant - I prefer an SMG on this map, but you will do fine with the G36, especially in a tactical game type.

    Wet Work - This is another one of those maps with both extremes, sniping and SMG-ing. I Personally snipe on this map, but you will put the G36 to good use also.

    <<< New Maps >>>

    Creek - Do not use, unless you want to camp the buildings. Snipe all the way on this map.

    Broadcast - I use the G36 a lot on this map, the building areas will gets you a lot of kills in the main building, but you should not run into to much difficulty if you have to venture outside.

    China Town - This gun dominates on China Town. Get in the building, run around, or camp, you should rack up the kills without any difficulty. This map is the best Medium-range map in existance, with plenty of streets and alleys designed with medium range in mind. Sitting on the second story of any of the buildings should deliver also.

    Killhouse- Use. Haven't played to much, but anybody on the map will be in range of the G36 wherever they are.

    G36C Challenges
    Challenge Description Reward
    Marksman 1 Get 25 kills with this weapon 100XP/Red Dot Sight
    Marksman 2 Get 75 kills with this weapon 500XP/Silencer
    Marksman 3 Get 150 kills with this weapon 1000XP/ACOG Scope
    Expert 1 Get 25 headshots with this weapon 100XP/Digital
    Expert 2 Get 75 headshots with this weapon 500XP/Blue Tiger
    Expert 3 Get 150 headshots with this weapon 1000XP/Red Tiger Camo

    Will be edited + add pictures into it!

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