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    About : G3


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    About : G3

    Post by killa on 5/30/2010, 13:21


    I did not create nor own this article in any way or form. All the information here were obtained from the link above.

    CoD4 Weapons: G3 Guide

    Weapon: Heckler & Koch G3
    Accuracy: 11 / 12
    Damage: 9 / 12
    Range: 9 / 12
    Fire Rate: 4 / 12
    Mobility: 8 / 12
    Clip Size/Reserve Ammo: 20/40
    Recoil: very low cluster
    Reload Time: 2.75 seconds / 3.75 empty
    Damage: 30-40
    Range: 1500-2000 / 500-1000 SD
    Rate of Fire: 1200 RPM Single
    Penetration: Medium / Large Bullet
    Location Damage Multiplier: Head (1.4) / Neck: (1.0) / Torso: (1.0) / Stomach: (1.0) / Limbs (1.0)
    Hip Accuracy: Stand (3-7) / Crouch (2.5-6) / Prone (2-5)
    The G3 is an assault rifle made by Heckler and Koch of Germany, and is used by many militaries around the world. COD4 uses a single-shot version of the rifle, making it useful for medium- to long-range encounters. (Unlocked at Rank 25, 2nd Lieutenant)

    General Tips

    An extremely powerful weapon, the G3 can act as an alternative for those tired of "spray and pray" weapons. It fires as fast you can pull the trigger, and kills in two consecutive shots when stopping power is equipped. Consider it a sort of "assault sniper" rifle, but effective in different ways from typical snipers since it doesn't carry the cumbersome scope and can still be used, if handled correctly, as a run and gun weapon. With minimal recoil, its iron sights are also very good (similar to the MP5's), so feel free to use it silenced or without an attachment at medium range.
    The G3 is also a great gun for camping. With less zoom than a sniper rifle and all of the accuracy of one, it makes camping easy for almost any range. Just line up the dot, pop off a few quick shots and get the take-down. So long as they aren't shooting back at you, extra damage isn't really needed with your finger's fire rate, so stopping power isn't quite as needed. If you are camping, overkilling this weapon with an SMG or shotgun and using claymores is highly advised. With claymores, you can watch your back, and if they run out or you're striving for a little action, switch to your SMG or shotgun for some close quaters action. Any shotgun would work, but the skorpion is advised for SMG's simply because it dominates at close range, while the G3 takes care of medium and long ranges.
    If desired, (although it's often overlooked as an option because of the G3's long-range prowess) you can also overkill this with a sniper--because the G3 shares ammunition with the M14, M21, M40A03, and R700.
    The Bad

    The G3's shortcomings are obvious. As a semi-automatic weapon, it is nearly useless in close-range situations. It also acts like a sniper rifle, but without the benefit of one-shot kills, so those not used to working with it can find themselves in sticky situations when confronted with multiple foes. The iron sights, while impressive, still make it tough to catch far-away enemies, so a red-dot sight or ACOG is often necessary. Like most assault rifles, it does not share ammunition with compatible secondary weapons.

    G3 Perks

    Claymore x2:
    Good for camping with this gun, these protect your back from the flankers that are getting tired of seeing their blood run down the wall over and over again.

    Bandolier :
    While not a necessity if you're a decent shot, this is definitely something to equip for first-timers, who may find themselves putting 6-8 rounds into a target when not used to the iron sights.

    Special-grenade x3:
    Since the G3's semi-automatic nature can make it difficult to shoot through walls and lowers its close-range effectiveness, extra grenades help with one of its main weaknesses--clearing rooms.

    Bomb Squad:
    Although not extremely useful in normal modes, S&D and HxC S&D, along with most other objective modes, benefit from this perk. The ability to see enemy explosives puts you a step ahead of your enemies, as well as giving enemy snipers and campers a bit of a surprise.

    Stopping Power:
    Never leave home without it; this weapon is simply agonizing to use without the extra power given by this perk.

    UAV Jammer:
    Okay, fine, you can leave home without stopping power, but only if you have this perk. Combined with a silencer, the G3 with UAV jammer makes a powerful stealth weapon if used effectively.

    Allows you to carry an SMG or shotgun with this gun, making close-range encounters much more survivable.

    This one, I swear, you really shouldn't leave home without. If you don't plan to carry usable close-range weapon, this is almost a necessity since the G3 is horribly inaccurate when not within sights.

    Dead Silence:
    If you have high enough rank and you're using the G3 silenced, be sure to add this one. Especially good for Hardcore or Hxc S&D games, you'll want to be the quietest person around with the G3. Combined with a silencer and UAV jammer, you are invisible save encounters where the enemy can visually confirm your presence, so use it to flank them or watch opponents approach the bomb and feel the pain as a single round impacts their face.

    Silencer - 75 kills

    Even though it forces use of the iron sights, the silencer is so effective on the G3 that it makes up for it. Combined with UAV Jammer, this attachment turns the G3 into a silent, elegant tool of death.

    However, do be aware: the G3 with a silencer on it has a glitch. Its knife has about a 90% miss rate, even if you stab them directly in the chest when they are standing still. If you find yourself knifing, you will want to remember to switch to your side arm/secondary weapon just for a half a second, as the glitch does not carry on to your second weapon. This glitch is only when the G3 is silenced.

    Advance Combative Optical Gunsight (ACOG) - 150 kills

    Providing 2X zoom, many prefer the ACOG scope over other G3 attachments, as it can't hurt the close-range efficacy of this weapon and does bring its realistic range to somewhere near that of the average sniper shot. Recoil on this weapon is low, so if you can deal with the "drift" associated with the ACOG scope, it's a good choice. For the average shot, though, it's gamer preference as to whether the red dot or ACOG scope comes up a winner.

    G3 Classes

    Run and Gun
    Primary Weapon: G3
    Attachment: Red Dot or ACOG Scope
    Sidearm: USP .45
    Perk 1: Bandolier
    Perk 2: Stopping Power
    Perk 3: Steady Aim

    Ghost (Stealth) Class
    Primary Weapon: G3
    Attachment: Silencer
    Sidearm: USP .45 with Silencer
    Perk 1: Bandolier
    Perk 2: UAV Jammer
    Perk 3: Dead Silence or, if not available, Steady Aim

    Primary Weapon: G3
    Attachment: Red Dot Sight/ACOG/Silencer
    Sidearm: USP .45 with Silencer
    Perk 1: Claymore x2
    Perk 2: UAV Jammer
    Perk 3: Steady Aim

    Hardcore v2
    Primary Weapon: G3
    Attachment: Silencer
    Sidearm: USP .45 with Silencer
    Perk 1: Bandolier
    Perk 2: UAV Jammer
    Perk 3: Steady Aim

    Primary Weapon: G3
    Attachment: Red Dot Sight/ACOG/Silencer
    Secondary Weapon: Skorpion, Red Dot Sight/ACOG/Silencer
    Perk 1: Claymore x2
    Perk 2: Overkill
    Perk 3: Steady Aim

    Superior Firepower
    Primary Weapon: G3
    Attachment: Silencer
    Secondary Weapon: M40A3
    Perk 1: Claymore x2
    Perk 2: Overkill
    Perk 3: Iron Lungs

    You Can't Hide
    Primary Weapon: G3
    Attachment: Red Dot Sight
    Sidearm: USP .45
    Perk 1-Bandolier or x3 Frag
    Perk 2-Stopping Power
    Perk 3-Deep Impact


    Ambush: An amazing G3 map, just as good as it is for sniping. Try not to walk around too many corners, and either situate yourself on top of buildings overlooking the central road or staring down streets to rack up kills.

    Backlot: The G3 does fairly well here; just be sure to set claymores and take your time.

    Bloc: The G3 does fairly well here as either a sniper or a sniper hunter, moving through the buildings. Just be careful not to face off against anyone with a shotgun or automatic weapon.

    Bog: Stay toward the edges of the map (away from the buildings) and kill off snipers and assault troops alike. The blood runs on this terrible, terrible map.

    Countdown: A really good map, as it gives you a lot of mid-range shots to pop off.

    District: Along the two main streets, you can be a deadly weapon with the G3. Watch the exploding cars and use cover to your advantage.

    Downpour: Stay back from the fray and watch as enemies run into your sights, or alternately creep around with your ghost class and wreak havoc.

    Pipeline: Set claymores and treat this as if you were sniping.

    Strike: Easily one of the best maps for the G3, just stare down the street and or set up shop in a building to get a quick rise in your K/D.

    G3 Challenges

    Title Description Reward
    Marksman 1 Get 25 kills with this weapon 100XP/Red Dot Sight
    Marksman 2 Get 75 kills with this weapon 500XP/Silencer
    Marksman 3 Get 150 kills with this weapon 1000XP/ACOG Scope
    Expert 1 Get 25 headshots with this weapon 100XP/Digital
    Expert 2 Get 75 headshots with this weapon 500XP/Blue Tiger
    Expert 3 Get 150 headshots with this weapon 1000XP/Red Tiger Camo

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    Re: About : G3

    Post by Exter[M]1nat3r on 6/5/2010, 16:57

    if stack with 3 rounds burst... this gun is imba Very Happy

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