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    About : AK47


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    About : AK47

    Post by killa on 5/30/2010, 13:20


    I did not create nor own this article in any way or form. All the information here were obtained from the link above.

    About the AK-47

    Still the most iconic and best-selling assault rifle worldwide. Fires on full auto. The rifle has a noticeable vertical kick to it, but its recoil suppressor ensures that the rifle levels again before firing the next shot. Good for closer-quarters combat than the M16 or M4, but still pulls off good middle-long distance single shots.

    The dreaded AK-47 is potentially the most versatile gun in the game. It has power, accuracy, mobility, and, of course, style. Despite its low rate of fire, this gun definitely packs a punch. And with stopping power, really anything is possible. The recoil may be annoying at times, but firing it short bursts will decrease the recoil and allow you to succeed.

    General Tips: In order to have successful games using this gun, it is essential to fire in short bursts like I have said previously. This will allow you to dominate in far and medium ranges and avoid recoil. Up close however, shoot constantly from the hip and you will triumph over the other players. The AK-47, equipped with stopping power, will kill in 2-3 shots, so that should help a lot. Despite its mediocre accuracy, it aims pretty well and can counter a sniper easily. Because the AK-47 has great iron sights, attachments don’t have to be added to do well.

    The Bad: As I have already mentioned, the RDS, when on the AK-47, decreases its power. The AK-47 also has a lot of recoil and mediocre accurracy, so if your aim needs improvement, the AK-47 is not for you. Another downside to this gun is its low rate of fire. This can be annoying at times because, up against a P90 close-range, you will probably die. Therefore, play like you are using an M16A4: burst shots work very well and therefore the low rate of fire is not a limiting factor.

    Unlocked: lvl 4 (Along with create a class)

    AK-47 Quick Stats

    Accuracy: 6 / 12
    Damage: 9 / 12
    Range: 9 / 12
    Fire Rate: 6 / 12
    Mobility: 8 / 12
    Clip Size/Reserve Ammo: 30/60
    Recoil: low/moderate cluster
    Reload Time: 2.5 seconds / 3.25 empty
    Damage: 30-40 / 20-40 SD
    Range: 1500-2000 / 500-1000 SD
    Rate of Fire: 700 RPM
    Penetration: Medium / Large Bullet
    Location Damage Multiplier: Head (1.4) / Neck: (1.0) / Torso: (1.0) / Stomach: (1.0) / Limbs (1.0)
    Hip Accuracy: Stand (3-7) / Crouch (2.5-6) / Prone (2-5)
    AK-47 Attachments

    No Attachments
    The AK-47 has a great iron sight. It does not get in your way when trying to aim like so many other iron sights, so you can easily keep the AK-47 as is, without any attachments, and still get lots of kills. The best part about keeping the AK-47 as is, there is no decrease in damage at all for long range.

    AK-47 with no attachments

    Red Dot Sight - 25 Kills
    This attachment helps significantly in aiming, but it decreases the damage for far ranges. However, this should not be a problem because this gun has a huge range. And even if it does decrease power, you will still kill easily with stopping power and the added bonus of easier aiming that the RDS gives, I would say, cancels out the less damage factor. Of course, if you really are concerned about the decrease in damage that RDS causes, then I would suggest using the gun with no attachments.

    Zooming in an AK-47 with the Red Dot Sight

    Silencer - 75 Kills
    The AK-47 is one of the best, silenced guns in the game. Its range will be hurt slightly, but it already has such a good range this won’t matter. And, the AK-47 has some of the best iron sights in the game, so you can aim pretty easy with it silenced. Of course, the silencer brings the regular advantages: not being seen on radar when you shoot when the other team has no UAV. But, it also decreases muzzle flash and, obviously, decreases noise. (Note from X: I really have to give the AK-47 some recognition for it's use with a silencer. It's very deadly, and the gun really becomes a beast with it in the right hands. Usually the AK is very loud without it, it's a bit distracting when you are in the heat of battle. But when you put a silencer on it, it becomes a graceful killing machine. The guns recoil seems to get better with the silencer on, or at least it makes it a lot easier to line up your shots and kill. It doesn't seem to kick as much with the silencer.)

    AK-47 Silenced

    Advance Combative Optical Gunsight (ACOG) - 150 kills
    I would not recommend the ACOG for the AK-47. This makes it harder to fire from the hip and makes it harder to aim closer ranged. It also decreases accuracy, and this is especially bad for the AK-47 whose accuracy is already low. However, it increases the range, so if you plan on shooting enemies from across the entire map, this could work well for you.

    AK-47 ACOG

    AK-47 ACOG Hip

    Grenade Launcher
    Don’t use it. That basically is my advice. First of all, the "noobtube" is already cheap and disliked by many players, so if you want to earn some respect, the grenade launcher is not for you. Also, if you still want to be hated by the world for using the grenade launcher, the AK-47 is not the right gun. Unlike the G36c, reloading a grenade into the launcher takes far too long for it to be successful. Really, the grenade launcher is a bad idea. You are better off using a Red Dot Sight or a Silencer with the AK

    AK-47 Perks

    The AK-47 is a great weapon for medium to long range fighting, as well as close range a wide array of perks work well with this weapon, but here are our recommended perks, of course feel free to experiment and try other perks as well.

    Bandolier - Once again we recommend this as perk 1, like a lot of the other weapons. As always, if you find yourself out of ammo frequently, bandolier will help you a whole lot.

    Stopping Power - The AK-47 already kills very fast, and with stopping power, you can kill in a split second up close. This gives your gun more power, and you can usually kill with 2-3 shots in range. It is the best perk for the AK-47, in my opinion.

    UAV Jammer - When you are using an AK-47 silenced, why not add UAV jammer? This practically makes you invisible radar-wise to other team—perfect for stealthy operations.

    Double Tap: If you want to improve the AK-47’s rate of fire, add this perk. You may waste more ammo, but you should be able to do much better close range.

    Steady Aim - The ultimate perk to help you fire from the hip. Because the AK-47 has mediocre accuracy, firing from the hip up close can be hard. Steady aim fixes that.

    Deep Impact - When someone is hiding behind a wall, and you want to kill them with ease, you need deep impact. It allows you to fire through walls with more power.

    Extreme Conditioning - If you are a flanker, or a covert soldier, extreme conditioning will help you get places faster.
    AK-47 Maps

    Really, the AK-47 can dominate on all maps. It just takes knowledge of the maps to succeed. But, I will tell you some of the best maps for the AK-47:


    Golden AK-47
    When you complete all of the Assault Rifle challenges, you unlock the Golden AK-47. The stats are the same, but you get a cool looking gold AK-47 and bragging rights. So it's worth it, I think.

    AK-47 Custom Classes

    Note - For stealth classes, I recommend the USP .45 with a silencer. For non-stealth, of course the Desert Eagle.

    Class Name: General Run and Gun
    Primary Weapon: AK-47
    Attachment: Red Dot Sight
    Side Arm: Desert Eagle
    Special Grenade: Stun Grenade
    Perk 1: Bandolier
    Perk 2: Stopping Power
    Perk 3: Steady Aim

    Class Name: The Ninja
    Primary Weapon: AK-47
    Side Arm: USP .45 w/Silencer
    Special Grenade: Stun Grenade
    Perk 1: Special grenade x3
    Perk 2: UAV Jammer
    Perk 3: Dead Silence OR Steady Aim

    Class Name: Covert Ops
    Primary Weapon: AK-47
    Attachment: Silencer
    Side Arm: USP .45
    Special Grenade: Stun Grenade
    Perk 1: Claymores x2
    Perk 2: Stopping Power
    Perk 3: Steady Aim

    Class Name:The Warlord
    Primary Weapon: AK-47
    Attachment: Silencer
    Side Arm: USP .45
    Special Grenade: Stun Grenade
    Perk 1: Frag x3
    Perk 2: Stopping Power
    Perk 3: Deep Impact

    Class Name:The Butcher who Snipes
    Primary Weapon: M21
    Secondary Weapon: AK-47
    Side Arm: USP .45
    Special Grenade: Smoke Grenade
    Perk 1: Claymore x2
    Perk 1: Overkill
    Perk 3: Deep Impact

    AK-47 Challenges
    Title Description Reward
    Marksman 1 Get 25 kills with this weapon 100XP/Red Dot Sight
    Marksman 2 Get 75 kills with this weapon 500XP/Silencer
    Marksman 3 Get 150 kills with this weapon 1000XP/ACOG Scope
    Expert 1 Get 25 headshots with this weapon 100XP/Digital
    Expert 2 Get 75 headshots with this weapon 500XP/Blue Tiger
    Expert 3 Get 150 headshots with this weapon 1000XP/Red Tiger Camo

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    Re: About : AK47

    Post by DJKillerZ on 6/17/2010, 22:43

    Actually, you're wrong bout the ACOG part. You might have the range to do it, BUT you don't have the accuracy to pull it off. Well, it's a game. Anything's possible...

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